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  What you see is not always what you get!  

    Pictures are from a two year old carburetor; nice and clean right? Couldn't be any problems here!   

 This is the inside of that same carburetor. 

This is an example of what we see on a daily basis. The carburetor is contaminated by water, rust and fuel additives that didn't help. It will cause no idle or poor idle, no acceleration or poor acceleration, loss of power and could lead to major engine failure due to a lean condition. Our marine carburetors are not automotive carburetors that have been converted to look like marine, they are true marine carburetors sold by the exact number called for by the manufacture of the engine. The calibration is usually much different that automotive use, even for the same size engine, marine engines usually have a camshaft designed for more torque. 

Please note: We are presently not servicing outboard or jet-ski carburetors at this time.

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